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Church Administrator Officer needed


We are currently seeking a church administrator to aide the workload of our pastor and fellow co workers. The administrator will support the smooth running of offices by carrying out clerical tasks and projects. The administrator will act as a bridge of communication between the congregation and the church committee, serving the church in general. If you are seeking to serve with a willingness and eager to work as a team, along with perseverance and patience as a virtue, may you offer yourself to serve in this role.


Requirements of the church administrator :


-Need to be a member of the Belfast Chinese Christian Church and understand the vision and virtues of the BCCC.

-A willingness to serve and spiritually mature.

-Knowledge of the BCCC constitution, history and background of BCCC and knowledge of all levels of church leadership roles.

-Meek and gentle, can get along with others and processing good interpersonal skills.

-Processing team spirit with good organization and leadership skills.

-Minimum of 5 years experience serving within the church setting. Able to minute take in meetings and produce / summarize with a follow up meeting report.

-Main language required would be either Cantonese or Mandarin, a certain level of written and reading skills of Chinese a must ( A basic knowledge of English would be advantageous)

-Can aide and help implement the decisions of the church committee.


The church administrator duties involves:

-Being responsive and carrying out duties given by the pastor.

-Supporting the pastoral worker in all clerical duties and up to date file keeping

-Smooth running of the worship service ( Replenish Holy communion items,In the case of special fellowship meetings or events , the church administrator will be responsible for the prior organization and set up of the halls. Church refreshments )

-Aide organization events ( Liaising with all appropriate departments and personnel )

-Coordinate venue/ room usage of the church

-General service ( Maintenance)


Type of work: part-time

Salary :


  • Annual leave 

  • Compensation leave 

  • Sick Pay


Application deadline: October 31,2022

Expected start date: January 1,2023


Interested applicants,please email to Pastor Peter Lam:





幹事的資格:- 必須是貝爾法斯特華人基督教會的教會會友,了解BCCC的教會目標和教義精神- 重生的基督徒,要有奉獻的心志,要有相當的屬靈經驗- 對於教會憲章、教會歷史背景和各級領袖有相當的認識和了解

- 性格溫和,能與人相處,人際關系良好

-有團隊精神、 俱有組織和領導能力-五年以上敎會事務管理的經驗,具有從會議中完成筆記和摘要的能力

-主要語言:粵語或國語,需要一定閱讀及書寫中文能力(懂基本英語)- 能支援教會委員會決定的任何事工


職責:1. 向敎會牧師、傳道負責並執行所分配的工作2. 協助教牧同工完成各樣文書及整理檔案等事務

3. 崇拜聚會的管理(主餐用品之補充、特別聚會的場地預備,聚會茶點所需)





申請截止日期:2022 年 10月 31日。
預計開始日期:2023年 1月 1日。

有意應徵者,請電郵至 貝爾法斯特華人基督教敎會林朝暉牧師

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