Pastoral Worker

Do you have initiative, a love of working with people of all ages, experience of leading young people and training in church ministry? We are seeking to appoint a minister of church who will serve and lead all ages from the heart of the church, with a specific focus on overseeing our Children & Youth.


Principal Function:

To oversee all programming and ministry for children and youth

To support and lead Mandarin speaking cell groups


1: Leading Regular church service and worship on Sundays and weekly services.

2. Enlist and train all department directors in the children and youth's division

3. Give guidance and coordination through enlistment, education, and motivation of the key leadership of children and youth’s work.

4. Provide appropriate activities for special projects;

5 .Provide appropriate activities and training for children and youth leader

6. Leading prayer and bible study/ Sunday school teaching in Youth & Chinese Congregation

7. Perform other duties as requested by the Pastor

Qualifications for this role:

-Must be a church member in the Belfast Chinese Christian Church, who has the knowledge of the church objectives and  doctrinal ethos of the BCCC

-A good first Degree/ Higher diploma in any subject.

-Ability to speak English, Mandarin , and Cantonese fluently

-Theological Training is preferred/provided

-Born again Christian who feels a call by God into ministry

-Experience for leading the children, youth and Chinese service for over five years

-Love for children, youth and families

-Strong organizational and leadership skills

-A strong self-starter with experience & ability to build and lead volunteer teams from scratch.

-Any other ministries as decided by church committee


Job Type: Full-time/part time

Salary: Refer youth community worker scale


-  Annual leave

-  Subsidised travel

-  Sick pay

Application deadline: June 14, 2022.

Expected start date: Sept 1, 2022.

You may send your resume through email to our pastor Peter Lam:


1. 在周日和每週的服務中領導定期的教堂服務和敬拜。
2. 招募和培養兒童青少年部所有部門領導
3. 通過對兒童青少年工作主要領導的徵募、教育、激勵等方式進行指導和協調。
4. 為特殊項目提供合適的活動;
5. 為兒童和青少年領袖提供適當的活動和培訓
6. 帶領青年及會眾禱告及查經/主日學教學

7. 履行牧師要求的其他職責
- 必須是貝爾法斯特華人基督教會的教會會友,了解BCCC的教會目標和教義精神
- 任何學科的良好的第一學位/高級文憑。
- 能操流利英語、普通話和廣東話
- 首選/提供神學培訓
- 重生的基督徒,感受到上帝的呼召進入事工
- 五年以上領導兒童、青少年和華人服務的經驗
- 對兒童、青少年和家庭的關愛
- 俱有組織和領導能力
- 一個強大的自我啟動者,具有從頭開始建立和領導志願者團隊的經驗和能力。
- 接受教會委員會決定的任何其他事工
申請截止日期:2022 年 6 月 14 日。
預計開始日期:2022 年 9 月 1 日。