To Glorify God by reaching people for Christ; adding them to the family of believers; bringing them to Christ-like maturity; and equipping them for service.



本教會起源於1975年復活節,當時有一位牧師Ronnie McCracken及一位弟兄 Nai Bob Cham一起在貝爾法斯特作了些華人福音事工,這些華人基督徒就是當年貝爾法斯特華人團契(BCCF)的骨幹。

從1979開始,華人團契在 Elmwood Avenue 的Methodist Chaplaincy 聚會。 在1988年6月, Malone Avenue的温沙浸信會開放教會給我們進行主日崇拜。 由于本教會沒有浸禮池的設施,時至今日我們仍然需要每年兩次借用温沙浸信會舉行浸禮聚會。


1996年,團契成員決定購買教會的現址,現址原身是Ulsterville 長老會的會所。同年,本教會亦正式成立為北愛第一間華人教會,取名為貝爾法斯特華人基督教會 (BCCC) 。


貝爾法斯特華人基督教會目前每星期日大約有250人出席主日崇拜聚會。 與北愛的華人人口相比,所佔的比率仍然很低。當我們要擴展上帝的事工時,必須要有資源的相互配搭。

The church’s origin dates back to Easter 1975, when Reverend Ronnie McCracken and Mr. Nai Bob Cham started evangelistic work amongst the local Chinese in Belfast. This group of believers became known as the Belfast Chinese Christian Fellowship (BCCF).

The fellowship met at the Methodist Chaplaincy on Elmwood Avenue beginning in 1979. As the fellowship grew, a bigger meeting place was needed. In June 1988, Windsor Baptist Church, on Malone Avenue, opened their church for our Sunday service. We still hold two baptismal services every year at Windsor Baptist, as our existing church building does not have a baptismal pool.  

By 1994, the church work had expand to such an extent that meetings were held on almost every day of the week, whether in the church or at various homes.

In 1996, we purchased the current church building on Lorne Street (which was originally the Ulsterville Presbyterian Church Hall). In the same year we officially became the first Chinese church in Northern Ireland and changed our name to “Belfast Chinese Christian Church” (BCCC).

In the 2001 Census it was calculated that there are over 4,000 Chinese in Northern Ireland. The Chinese Welfare Association N.I. estimates that there may now be upwards of 7,000 Chinese here. As BCCC is the only Chinese church in the province, we have a great duty to preach the gospel to them.

BCCC currently has about 250 people in our congregation. Compared to the total number of Chinese living locally, we make up only a very small proportion. By extending our church building we will be able to better serve our existing congregation and carry out the Great Commission to reach those who do not yet know Christ.




According to the Voting of the SGM 2nd June 2019, We are now officially stopping the £900,000 build project. Since we do not know the next step on church building, we would like brothers and sisters not to donate to the build fund until further notice as we are seeking legal advice regarding this matter. Thank you!