You Have Given Me New Life

You have given me new life;
Now my heart is satisfied.
I'm tasting the power of the age to come,
I'm living in the glory
Of the resurrected Son.
I'm walking in the light
And all that I now do is for You.

Pouring over me,
Everlasting love and mercy,
Over me in a flood of power.
Pouring over me, abounding grace so free,
Over me Your unending love.

I've never had a friend like You;
All that You've promised You will do.
I'm drinking from the fountain
That will never run dry,
I'm living in the joy of a heart that's purified.
I'm walking now with You,
And all I have is Yours,
Take my life.

1998 Thankyou Music
SF1664, TS1664