Our God Is Strong And Mighty

Our God is strong and mighty,
He's lifting up a shout.
It's rolling down like thunder:
Can you feel it shake the ground?
And every stronghold trembles
As we hear the Lion roar!

He's breaking out.
(The Lord our God is breaking out.)
The Lord our God is breaking out.
(The Lord our God)
He's breaking out!

He's rising in this nation,
He's coming into view;
Go tell it in the city
What Jesus' power can do.
We're losing our religion -
He's even greater than we thought!

O God of mercy, God of love,
Come show us the glory of Your name.
We're touched by the passion of Your heart,
And nothing will ever be the same,
Nothing will ever be the same,
Don't let me ever be the same.

Come do a work within me,
Let me see You as You are;
And make the cause of heaven
The obsession of my heart,
Till every tribe and nation
Bows in worship to the King.

2000 Integrity's Hosanna! Music/Sovereign Music UK/& Thankyou Music