Church Governance

Church Governance is by way of an appointed Board of Trustees (BOT), elected Board of Elders (BOE) and Church Committee. Full details of church governance can be found in the BCCC Constitution.

Leadership Structure as 2018:

  • 傳道人Pastor: 蘇力傳道(Suli Suder)
  • 主席Chair : 章芳權 ( Frank Chong)
  • 文書Secretary:金春愛 (Paula Jin)
  • 財政Treasurer:余淑敏(Sherman Yu )
  • 英語堂事工代表English Ministry Representative:湯惠施 (Lesley Tong )
  • 國語堂事工代表Mandarin Ministry Representative:章芳權 ( Frank Chong)
  • 粵語堂事工代表Cantonese Ministry Representative:吳萃龍 (Mickey Ng)
  • 青少年及兒童事工代表Youth & Children Ministry Representative:湯惠施 (Lesley Tong)

Church Advisors 教會顧問:

  • Rev. Roy Taylor 戴若恩牧師
  • Pastor Edward Wei 韋焜墀牧師
  • Paul Coulter高保羅弟兄