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English Congregation Announcements

19th May 2024

  • A very warm welcome to everyone attending our Sunday Service today.

  • Church Prayer Meeting is held every Tuesday evening from 9.30 to 10.15pm. This week the prayer theme is “God Reveals His Purpose” everyone is very welcome to attend the prayer meeting and let’s pray together.

  • BCCC Youth group will be hosting a summer camp from August 19th to 22nd (Monday to Thursday).
    Registration for the camp is due by May 26th. Information regarding the location and cost of the camp can be found in the registration form. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact Sister Esther,
    Pastoral Co-worker.

  • Chinese School, Cantonese side is short of teachers, if any brothers ans sisters would like to serve in Chinese School Cantonese side, please contact the principal Ray Yu.

  • (Online / Bank Offering) Church bank information is as follows:

    •   Name of Bank: Danske Bank

    •   Account Name: Belfast Chinese Christian Church

    •   Sort Code: 95-01-49

    •   Account Number: 01166360

    •   If you want to make a general offering, please indicate "Offering".

    •   If you want to make a donation for missionary purposes, please indicate "Mission".

  • Last week Offering

    • General Offering: £2555

    • Mission Fund: £371

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