Whom shall I send the prophet heard

“Whom shall I send?” the prophet heard
when he, enraptured, saw the Lord;
He rose and went, his spirit stirred,
“Whom shall I send today?”

“Whom shall I send?” O hear the cry!
“Whom shall I send?” From sky to sky!
“Whom shall I send to bring men nigh?
Whom shall I send today?”

Do the bright youth no longer care?
Do they not see the treasures rare?
Where are they then, O where, O where?
“Whom shall I send today?”

Following far they hear no call!
Sleeping so sound while millions fall!
Do they not care at all, at all?
“Whom shall I send today?”

“Whom shall I send?” O who will go?
Who then will preach with a voice of woe?
Who will be sped by love's strong bow?
“May I send you today?”

Lord of the harvest, here am I,
I can no more resist Thy cry,
cost what it may: to live or die.
Send me, dear Lord, today.