We are a shining light

We are a shining light,
city on a hill that can't be hidden,
a shining light.
And this shining light is the life of Jesus in us,
oh what a light!
The fire of his Spirit burns
with justice, joy and peace
and works through our hands and feet.

Go do something beautiful,
in the name of Jesus
do something beautiful.
Go do something Jesus would,
do something beautiful,
do something beautiful.
We are the salt of the earth,
here to purify and flavour,
salt of the earth.
Sent through all the earth
to love God and love our neighbour,
salt of the earth.
As freely as we received
so freely we must give,
and we are his hands and feet.

Let your light so shine before the world,
that all may see the good you do,
and give their praise to God our Father.

2002 Make Way Music