Through Days Of Rage And Wonder

Through days of rage and wonder
We pursue the end of time,
To seize the day eternal,
The reign of love divine.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus,
We will press on day by day.
This world's vain passing pleasures
Are not our destiny.

Our ancient rites of passage
Still are the bread and wine:
Our hope a cross that towers
Over the wrecks of time.

Through days of rage and wonder,
By the awesome power of prayer
God will shake every nation,
Secrets will be laid bare.
And if His light increasing
Casts deeper shadows here,
Safe in His holy presence,
Love will cast out our fear.

Through days of rage and wonder,
You will give us strength to stand
And seek a heavenly city
Not built by human hands.
Now is the only moment
Within our power to change:
To give back in obedience
While life and breath remain.

1998 Make Way Music
SF1567, TS1019