Soldiers Of Our God Arise

Soldiers of our God, arise!
The day is drawing nearer;
Shake the slumber from your eyes,
The light is growing clearer.
Sit no longer idly by
While the heedless millions die.
O, lift the blood-stained banner high,
And take the field for Jesus.

Save the lost! Save the lost!
Spend your might for them;
Give your life for them.
Save the lost! Save the lost!
Don't back down on it;
Win your crown in it,
Soldiers of our God,
Soldiers of our God.

See the brazen hosts of hell
Their art and power employing,
More than human tongue can tell
The blood-bought souls destroying.
See on ruin's hell-bound road
Victims groan beneath their load;
Go forward, O you sons of God,
And dare or die for Jesus.

Warriors of the risen King,
Great army of salvation,
Spread His fame, His praises sing
And conquer every nation.
Raise the glorious standard higher,
Work for victory, never tire;
O, forward march with blood and fire,
And win the world for Jesus.

1998 Thankyou Music