My happy soul rejoices

My happy soul rejoices,
the sky is bright above;
I’ll join the heavenly voices
and sing redeeming love.

For there’s power in Jesus’ blood,
power in Jesus’ blood,
there’s power in Jesus’ blood
to wash me white as snow.

I heard the blessed story
of Him who died to save;
the love of Christ swept o’er me,
my all to Him I gave.

His gracious words of pardon
were music to my heart;
He took away my burden,
and bade my fears depart.

I plunge beneath this fountain,
that cleanseth white as snow;
it pours from Calvary’s mountain,
with blessings in its flow.

Oh, crown Him King for ever,
my Saviour and my Friend!
By Zion’s crystal river
His praise shall never end.