I Love The Lord for He has heard me

I love the Lord for He has heard me,
He has heard my mercy plea.
From deep within my troubled heart,
I cried 'O Lord, save me!'
I love the Lord for His compassion
And His gracious, righteous ways.
He protects the simple-hearted ones,
And in my need,
The Lord saw me, and saved.

For as long, for as long as I live,
I will call, I will call on His name.
Be at rest once more, my soul,
For the Lord is good,
And He has been good to you.

I love the Lord for all the goodness
That I never can repay,
But I lift the cup of salvation,
And call upon His name.
I will fulfil my vows before the Lord,
In the presence of His saints;
O, make me now Your servant, Lord,
You have freed me from,
You have freed me from these chains.

1996 Little Misty Music/Kingsway's Thankyou Music