I Have His Word

I have His word,
His great and precious promises.
He took my sin, His righteousness is mine.
I am in Christ,
Secure for all eternity:
No power can sever me, nor cast me off
From His abundant, free
And sovereign love.

I have His word,
The Master Builder will succeed.
The gates of hell, they never will prevail.
Throughout the earth
The joy of Jesus is His church;
She is the mystery that stirred His heart,
Drawing Him out of heaven
To shed His blood.

I have His word,
A day is fixed when all the world
In sudden awe the Son of God shall see.
And in that day
Our eyes shall see His majesty;
What then of sufferings? What then of tears?
We shall see perfectly
When He appears!

I have His word
That every race shall reign with Him,
We'll reach our home, the new Jerusalem.
The Triune God
Shall dwell with man eternally,
More joys than eye has seen or ear has heard
Wait for us certainly,
I have His word.

2000 Thankyou Music
SF1322, TS1291