Give me a vision Lord I plead

Give me a vision, Lord, I plead,
vision of souls and a world in need:
loved ones and friends, the one next
then let me see there are millions more.

Give me a vision,
heart-stirring vision,
open my eyes, Lord, today;
show me the sighing,
doomed and the dying,
give me a vision, I pray.

Give me a vision, Lord divine,
kindle with fire this cold heart of mine;
may with unselfishness it burn,
fill me with love and a deep concern.

Give me a vision, Lord divine,
so charged with power that it shall shine
out to the lost in deepest night,
wandering alone in their sad, sad plight.

Give me a vision, Lord divine,
without a limit or boundary line;
help me to see a world in sin,
not just the field I am working in.