English Congregation Announcements

17th March 2019

  1. A warm welcome to everyone attending our Sunday Service today. If you have any questions about Christianity, please approach our Pastor Suli or deacons for further information.
  2.  The Mandarin and Cantonese Easter Retreat will be held from 21st to 23rd April at Castlewellan Castle, Newcastle. It is now open for registration. Please contact  sister Canmy or Lynn for further information.
  3. The church council is reviewing the redevelopment of the church building and will be updating brothers and sisters about the next step of the BUILD project. Since we are still receiving offerings for the build fund from brothers and sisters and we had legal advice from our legal team that this is not against regulation of our church to accept build offerings, therefore, we will put the build offerings into the build fund again. (If brother and sister still wish to contribute to the build fund, please if you can leave your name and this will facilitate us to contact you in the future). If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact our council members.
  4. Last week offering – General offering £3,225,  Mission Fund £260, Building Fund £200.
  5. Next Sunday Service: 24th March at 11.00am. Speaker: Ian Dickson.  Topic: Acts 17 v 16-34