English Congregation Announcements

17th Feb  2019

  1. A warm welcome to everyone attending our Sunday Service today. If you have any questions about Christianity, please approach our Pastor Suli or deacons for further information.
  2. The next baptismal service is on 5th May. It is now open for registration. The deadline is 3rd March. For further information please refer to Pastor Suli or sister Canmy.
  3.  If you have been baptized in other churches and attend the church meeting regularly, you are welcome to join us as a church member.
  4. If you have night gathering at the church, for security reasons, please keep the church door locked at all times  
  5. Last week offering – General offering £1,875, Mission fund £110.
  6. Next Sunday Service: 24th Feb at 11.00am. Speaker: Oswald McAuley.  Topic: Acts 15 v 1-35