(Updated: 12th September 2017)

The procedure for BCCC AccessNI Enhanced Check is as follows:-

  1. Download and print the form “Pin Notification and ID Validation Form“.
  2. Follow the “Application instructions” on the form.
  3. Bring the form and three appropriate IDs to the BCCC Secretary. Acceptable IDs are listed on Page 2 of the form.
  4. Once your ID is confirmed, the BCCC Secretary will complete other sections of the form and will give Page 1 back to you.
  5. When you get your AccessNI Certificate after a number of days, show it to the BCCC Secretary who may need to make a photocopy of it for passing on to the Child Protection Officer/Trustees.
  6. The BCCC Secretary will give you back the original AccessNI Certificate.
  7. The BCCC Secretary will show the photocopy to Child Protection Officer/Trustees and if there are no issues, the photocopy will be destroyed.
  8. If the AccessNI Certificate raises issues, the Child Protection Officer/Trustees will need to hold on to the photocopy for a longer period, but for no longer than 6 months, until the issues are resolved, after which the photocopy will be destroyed.